Sandra Bullock's running scene in "Premonition" (2007)

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Sandra Bullock's running scene in "Premonition" (2007)

Post by Admin on Mon May 04, 2015 6:43 pm

Anyone here "scene" this fantastic movie? Sandra Bullock plays a woman whose husband is dead one day...and alive the next! Then he's dead again. Is she simply having premonitions or is there something more sinister going on? This movie leads you down a rabbit hole of psychological thrills and chills that you'll truly have to "scene" to believe Wink

Early on in the film there's a masterful little scene that I think really deserves some recognition. Bullock's character is going for a morning run outside. It's a brilliant way to introduce the character; you can't help but be pulled into her world. Already you feel as if you know her. You see her running and you know that she's strong, that she's resilient, that she'd probably do whatever she could to save her family. As she races across the screen, questions race through your head: where is she going? where has she come from? The rest of the film will explore the answers to those questions, but for the moment the director simply lets them hang in the air, heavy and pregnant. The director's touch is deft: the grey sky, the sneakers hitting the footpath, the rhythmic breaths of a practiced jogger, the sparse, melanchony score - all is deftly, deftly done. Such a simple scene that captures so much. You're left reeling, heart pounding. You're somehow bound to this character - nay, this WOMAN - and wishing you were by her solitary side to lead her off this road, away from this track, for every subtle sign in the scene points to her running towards her own downfall.

So what say you? Do you agree with my take, or have you "scene" something I've missed?


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